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Aaron West and The Roaring Tweenties - Divorce and The American South [x]

tigers jaw / charmer

Title Fight
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Old Gray - Her Tongue Was Tattooed On The Back Of Her Teeth

Can you feel my beating heart?
Buried beneath the backyard- the place we used to live, where we stood on our own.
We were rooted in this home.
Where we exhaled our last breath and watched the summer fade to blackness. 

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would appreaciate if you dont remove this text x

Joyce Manor at the underground.

Effy + Tony’s house on Skins // Cute Houses on Google Maps P22
14-17 Elvaston Rd

Bristol BS3, UK
"I’m so fucking in love with you.
I just want you to hold me.
I crave to feel your skin to touch mine.
I love you so much all I want to do is be with you.
I just want us.
3a.m. when I can’t sleep I want you to be there.
I want to be able to just sit on my porch and we can just eat cereal in our fucking underwear and just talk about everything, or nothing at all.
You make me so happy to the point I’m fucking terrified I may lose you because you are so lovely to me.
You are so perfect.
It can literally bring me to tears that you can’t see it.
I’d do anything to make you smile. You are the blood in my veins, the air in my lungs. You keep me alive. I’d give up everything just to make you smile. I’m just so fucking in love with you, forever will never be long enough with you."
It’s 1a.m. and I need you closer (via sabrinatsea)

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  • people: watch your language
  • me: oh shit sorry

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“Life’s too short to drink crappy coffee and cry over boys who don’t care.”

— Matty Healy (The 1975)


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"All the hardest, coldest people you meet,
were once as soft as water.
And that’s the tragedy of living."
Iain S. Thomas  (via safeguards)

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